Patches and changes for 4.0
Category: Informations for user , posted on July 15, 2010

No one is free from errors. So a lot of users reported the first bugs just a few hours after relaunch of Counteronline 4.

We would like to thank all users who helped us to improve our services via reporting bugs and sending us improvement suggestions or criticism (which is always welcome).

This is the list of fixed bugs and changes:

1. Wrong link in statistics overview

Fixed a bug which displays a wrong link to statistic domain of an account, if the statistic was accessed via guest access.

2. Character set encodings

Fixed a few bugs in character set encodings which especially appear in email dispatches.

3. Lost password function

Fixed a bug in lost password function which could appear in some user accounts. The function has sent an empty password to the user.

4. Languages statistic

Fixed some display errors in the statistic Languages and making all data set available in English.

5. Public statistics

Fixed an error which made it impossible to activate public statistic in a statistic account for new registered users.

6. Block my page views

The function Block my page views had a bug for some statistic account. This bug is fixed. Please make sure to check your settings for this function again.

7. Added interface for time zone settings

An interface was added internally to manage time zone settings for your statistic account. At the moment this function is not available.

The whole function will be integrated within the next patch.

8. Opera Browser 10

Current version of the Opera web browser will now be logged correctly.

9. Visitors per Hour statistic

The Visitors per Hour statistic had a bug which displays wrong data if there are no visits recognized at the day the user was looking at his statistics. This bug was fixed.

10. Prevention of caching

The prevention of caching was completely renewed and is now more powerful than ever.

We would like to thank all user who reported bugs again. We hope that you will report any bug you may find, too.

Yours sincerly,
Counteronline Team

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