Know your visitors...
... with Counteronline Web Analytics
Counteronline Web Analytics offers a lot of features to get more informations about your website visitors:
  • All analysis in real-time
  • Evaluation of visitors and page impressions
  • Evaluation of search engines and keywords
  • Evaluation of visited sites
  • 150 Counterstyles & Counterboxes
  • Invisible integration of website code
  • Individual reload restrictions
  • Easy to view stats
  • Trends, forecasts and more...
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It's a matter of your safety!

No one really cares at the moment in germany nor the world: Data privacy.

But the new version of Webstats Free XT does! IP addresses will be saved anonymous.

Shortly you will receive more informations about data privacy while using web analytics & controlling software.
Patches and changes for 4.0

No one is free from errors. So a lot of users reported the first bugs just a few hours after relaunch of Counteronline 4.

We would like to thank all users who helped us to improve our services via reporting bugs and sen...
Help us eliminating software bugs!

Version 4 of Counteronline is available just a few hours. You found a bug? Don't hesitate to inform us, so we can eliminate it:

You have wishes or improvement suggestions? Just tell us by leaving a comment:
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